The following Programs are 40 minutes in length


 Introduction to Body Systems


With the help from "Organ Wise Guys" curriculum, students will take an "inside look" at their amazing body.  Hands-on activities engage the children and stress the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

4-LS1-1, MS-LS1-3

 Dental Health


During this fun-filled program students will examine the parts of a tooth and learn proper dental health and hygiene.  Healthy nutrition related to dental health will also be discussed.


 Skeletal System


Students will meet the skeleton “Charlie Bones” who will help them learn the importance of keeping bones and muscles healthy.  Students will be taught the importance of exercise and how to choose calcium-rich foods.

4-LS1-1, MS-LS1-3

 Respiratory System


While observing preserved pig lungs, students will explore the respiratory system and discover the consequences of smoking tobacco.  To enhance the understanding, students will make a bottle respiratory system.

3-LS3-2, 4-LS1-1, MS-LS1-3



Students will learn how to apply the MyPlate and the Nutrition Facts label to their everyday eating habits.  Students will also learn the importance of balancing "Energy In," their food, with "Energy Out," their physical activity, to maintain a healthy weight.


 Introduction to Drug Prevention


This program stresses the importance of making good choices early in life regarding the gateway drugs:  tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and inhalants.  Activities illustrate how drugs affect all aspects of life.

3-LS3-2, 4-LS1-1, MS-LS1-8

Puberty Education and Human Reproduction programs are 2 hours in length.


 Puberty Education

(5th - 6th)

After a physiology lesson of the human reproductive system students will recognize signs and symptoms of puberty and have some preparation to meet the challenges both physically and emotionally of adolescence. This class is divided boys/girls.


Program Outline

 Human Reproduction

(6th - 7th)

A summary of maturation, reproductive system and the birth process is covered as well as abstinence.  Students will gain a positive view of sexuality and developmentally appropriate knowledge and skills to make decisions now and in the future. This class can be divided by boys and girls.

3-LS3-2, 4-LS1-1, MS-LS1-1, MS-LS3-2, HS, LS1-4, HS-LS4-1

Program Outline

 Puberty and Human Reproduction Parent Programs


This preview program allows parents and educators the opportunity to view and ask questions about the puberty and human reproduction classes, prior to their child attending the program.

Fee $125

The following Programs are 50 minutes in length


 Drug Prevention

(6th - 9th)

This session is a straightforward discussion on the consequences of drug use and the effects that lead to tolerance and addiction.  Includes high-impact video clips and interactive activities.

3-LS3-2, 4-LS1-1, 4-LS1-2, MS-LS1-8

Program Outline

 Sexually Transmitted Infections

(8th and up)

An overview of the male/female reproductive systems, graphic illustrations of STI's (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and activities, which demonstrate that abstinence leads to a healthy relationship.

HS-LS1-4, HS-LS4-1

Program Outline

Outreach Programs

Community Programs make it easier for schools in Kansas to benefit from the interactive health programs that the Kansas Learning Center for Health provides.  The content is tailored to each grade level and differs in the areas of anatomy, nutrition, and drug prevention. Several programs provide students with activities that reinforce the subject matter to share with their families. The outreach program provides much needed curriculum-enhancing information that is both educational and entertaining.


All programs are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards which are listed below each program.

Click Here for Next Generation Science and Health Standards



Outreach Program Costs


Standard Outreach Program

• $5.00 per student, Maximum $1,600

• Minimum charge $600 (240 Students)

• Kindergarten - 5th grade up to SIX 40 minute programs per day

• 7th - Adult up to FOUR 50 minute programs per day

• Round trip mileage charge to and from Halstead, standard mileage rate

• Overnight charge of $200 if two hours or more from Halstead


You, Your Body and Puberty - 2 hours

Human Growth and Development - 2 hours

• $12.00 per student, Maximum $1,600

• Minimum Charge $600

• Round-trip mileage charge to and from Halstead, standard mileage rate

• Overnight charge of $200 if two hours or more from Halstead



Mon–Fri: 9am–4pm

(closed holidays)

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