Field Trip Programs

At the Center, programs provide schools and individuals with a convenient and cost effective way to enhance classroom curriculum by meeting or exceeding the state Next Generation Science and Health standards. Field trip programs can be scheduled to fit your needs. Please speak with our scheduler for specific information for your building.


Each program will be a total of 2 hours in length which includes; viewing of Valeda (transparent talking mannequin), Pre/Post Testing, 40-minute lesson with certified health instructor, exploration time with health exhibits and an instructor lead hands-on laboratory for the children.

Nervous System

Using various activities, students learn about the nervous system and how their five senses keep them safe. The hands-on activity explores each of five senses.

4-LS1-1, 4-LS1-2, MS-LS1-3, MS-LS1-8



Skeletal System

Students will meet the skeleton “Charlie Bones” who will help them learn the importance of keeping bones and muscles healthy. Students learn the importance of exercise and how to choose calcium-rich foods. Students build a skeleton during the hands-on activity.

4-LS1-1, MS-LS1-3



Introduction to Body Systems

With the help of the “Organ Wise Guys,” students will take an “inside look” at their amazing body. The hands-on activity stresses the importance of healthy eating and exercise.




Dental Health

During this fun-filled program students examine the parts of a tooth and learn proper dental hygiene. Healthy nutrition related to dental health will also be discussed.  The hands-on activity stresses the importance of brushing daily.




Farm to Family

During this “Down to Earth” program, students will learn where and how fruits and vegetables grow. With the help of the “Organ Annie” doll, they also discover the benefits of eating healthy for one’s body. The hands-on activity includes a seed planting experience that the students will then take home to watch grow with their family.


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