Hands-on health and science presentations engage students, creating fun and educational experiences! Each nook and cranny of KLCH offers an unexpected discovery, each visit a new adventure. KLCH is sure to become a favorite destination. Come visit today!

Self-Guided Tours

$6 per person.  Children under 3 are free.


This Includes Cool Things like . . .

 •  Inspect the Inside of a Giant Eyeball

 •  Meet “Charlie Bones”, A Real Human Skeleton

 •  “Get Pumped” About the Human Heart

 •  Look Inside a Real “Iron Lung”

 •  Reach Inside a Giant Mouth

 •  Meet Valeda the Transparent Talking Mannequin

 •  … and Join Blaze & Roxi on an Interactive iPad Walking Tour of All the Exhibits!


Discover the importance of taking care of your body systems. The interactive programming provides an overview of the digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, skeletal system, nutrition, dental and human growth & development. With a range of different activities throughout the year for children, adults, and seniors, KLCH has something to keep everyone healthy!”


Giving to the Kansas Learning Center for Health is a great way to insure that the children and adults in Kansas continue to receive quality health education. Your tax deductible gifts will be used to support the programs at the Center. Click on the donate icon below to set up your gift giving options.


There are many ways to contribute to the Kansas Learning Center for Health. The tax advantages of charitable giving may be substantial, whether you give out right or through the many types of deferred gifts. Individuals should contact their attorney or tax advisor to determine the tax benefit before making any charitable contributions.


Many classes and exhibits were designed in conjunction with school representatives to supplement classroom curriculum. Our diverse health educators, certified teachers, registered nurse, and social worker provide an engaging experience for students and teachers, one that inspires them to continue exploring health!  Our Outreach Program makes it easier for schools to benefit from our interactive health programs. These programs, both educational and entertaining, provide students with grade level appropriate activities and curriculum-enhancing information.

Welcome to the Kansas Learning Center for Health in Halstead, KS.  Founded in 1965 we have been providing health education to more than half a million children and adults.  As the nation’s second oldest health care museum, our 7,000 square-foot Learning Center has interactive exhibits, classrooms, a 68-person auditorium and Valeda, a transparent anatomical mannequin.  We are open to the public and to school/group health education programming.


Mon–Fri: 9am–4pm

(closed holidays)

Kansas Learning Center for Health

505 Main • Halstead, KS 67056


Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm (closed holidays)

NPO #83106